Having Your Home Pre-Cut

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Any design can be pre-cut for easy and quick assembly at the job site. Homes can be cut to such precision that windows and pre-hung doors slide right in for easy installation. Imperial Laminators work closely with architects and structural engineers to ensure that your home is as structurally strong as a home can be.

Advantages of Pre-Cutting your home

We have heard log manufacturers that do not offer this service state that a disadvantage of pre-cut custom homes is that the builder and client cannot make as many changes on site. If your home is completely pre-cut, right down to window and door openings, your on-site changes to the exterior are definitely limited. We consider this to be a great advantage. On site changes can threaten structural integrity, cause delays and create stress between the builder, subcontractors and the client. We strongly encourage clients to spend a good deal of time in the design phase. This is truly the most important phase of the process. For a completely pre-cut home, we emphasize that changes are difficult once the home is cut. This eliminates a great deal of second-guessing by our clients.

If you are adamant about having the capability to move windows and doors on the job site, we are happy to pre-cut your home without door and window openings. Expect indecision and delays on the job sites with additional visits needed from a structural engineer.

Most of our clients choose to have the exterior walls in logs and the interior partition walls in 2x4 framing. Not only does this allow more decorating flexibility and lighten up the home; it makes for simple plumbing and electrical installation. Lower levels and garages are also frequently framed with matching log siding on the exterior. This is a great way to reduce material costs on your home. From the exterior it appears as though the entire structure is solid logs.

Having your home pre-cut also lowers labor cost and speeds up the project significantly. A 3000 square foot home can be completely weathered-in in four to six weeks. The logs can usually be stacked by a crew of three in one to two weeks. There is no necessity to cut corner joints and openings on site. Not only does this lower your framing costs; it also significantly reduces the length of time that your home is exposed to the weather. This is an ideal product for do it yourselfers and for homes being built in areas with short building seasons.

Electrical Installation

Our homes are not modular homes with electrical and plumbing pre-installed. Plumbing is generally run through floors and interior framed walls. Electrical outlets and switches on exterior log walls are pre-marked on the sub-floor by the client and an electrician. The framing crew then routes for the electrical as the logs are stacked. The framing crew or electrician can rout electrical outlets. The same is done with interior log walls. After the home is weathered-in, it is simply a matter of the electrician running wires just as he would in a standard framed home. There are no extra hoops or up charges if the electrician is educated on the system and the process. In the near future, we will be routing for electrical wiring in the logs at the manufacturing plant.

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