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Our structural logs incorporate laminated wood timbers in a variety of sizes in round, d-log or flat-faced logs. Timbers are produced by laminating 2-inch thick boards with an exterior water-based adhesive and then shaped to form a tongue and groove profile with various face patterns. The benefits of our structural logs extend beyond the mere beauty of their cedar, pine or fir faces.

  • A greater number of laminated timbers versus solid timber can be produced from the identical count of raw material.
  • The kiln-dried boards laminated together yield a dimensionally stable timber that resists splitting, checking and/or warping.
  • The lamination process results in a higher quality, longer lasting product with superior structural integrity and strength.

Structural log products can be pre-cut to blue print specifications, which can lower your material costs and greatly reduce the time requirement for on-site erection of your home. All corners, and window and door openings are pre-cut. Our design staff can develop cut sheets for nearly any set of plans. Structural logs can also be purchased in random length straight logs or in random length with pre-cut corners.

Laminated logs virtually eliminate problems that are commonly associated with log homes. They are the driest and strongest logs manufactured. They provide the beauty and thermal benefits of solid wood construction while eliminating shrinking, checking and movement associated with standard milled solid logs.

Our corner systems combined with the lamination process which adds layers of glue while alternating the grain of the woods makes for an extremely air tight and efficient home. American Craftsman Homes of Colorado offers a variety or corner joints, profiles, and wood species. Logs can be ordered at random length, at designated lengths to be cut on site, or pre-cut to the specific design of the home with your selected corner joint.

Available Profiles

We offer flat logs with eased edges, any size without tongue-and-groove (not shown), D-logs, or Round/Round logs.

Wood Species

Wood Species: We offer logs in incense cedar, western red cedar, ponderosa pine, douglas fir or a combination of any two of the above.

Beams and Brackets

You can not find a higher quality or stronger beam than the ones we use from Imperial Laminators. The beams in our homes are engineered specifically to your design to create super structures. They are available in nearly any size needed. Imperial Laminators has a vast line of sizes that they classify as standard for minimal cost and lead-time.

Brackets required for beam installation are also designed specifically for your home. Various coating options are available depending on the look you are seeking.


Siding can be ordered to match the profile of your logs in 6" or 8" width. Our premium siding is tongue and groove and can be installed with no nail visibility. We also offer shiplap. Siding is available in all wood species that logs are.

structural log home
structural log home
structural log cabin

Corner Joint Options

All of the American Craftsman corner joints are designed to provide air tightness and stability in your home. The joints are designed for easy assembly and will not allow the logs to move or separate.

Standard Saddlenotch Butt and Pass

E-STAR Designation:

If built properly, these homes are very air tight. The breaks in wood grain due to using 2x8 boards and having layers of lamination increase the R-value. The tongue and groove notching as well as the corner systems contribute. Our company has been designated as an Estar Builder in the State of Colorado. To be an Estar builder, your homes must score 86 or higher out of a possible 100 points. The state energy code requirement is 72. So far our homes have accomplished this.

Financing & Insurance:

Because our laminated log homes have been around long enough to so that they do not move, our homes are classified as log homes when it comes to higher appraised values, but as standard 2x6 construction when it comes to lending and insurance rates. There is no increase or extra hoops to jump through. The Estar designation can work to reduce these rates even further.


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